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adThe date is drawing nearer, and along with the excitement, there’s the usual round of last-minute checking and panic. Of course, if you’ve planned a Christmas wedding, then there’s also the extra excitement/stress to think about there too.  With the whole country madly shopping and planning for their own events, it’s important to make sure everyone’s expectations are in line:

Here are our tips for a perfect Christmas Wedding

1) Plan early!!! Because it’s such an important date for so many people, it’s vital to let them know so they can diary up the date as soon as possible. The minute you’ve booked the church or registry office, let people know with an informal e-mail. Something like;

‘We’ve booked the date and would love it if you could be there with us too. More information will follow, but in the interim – please put xxx December into your diary.”

2) Do Not Stress If People Say No. Although it’s your special day, bear in mind that because it’s Christmas, so many people will already have other plans or commitments. It doesn’t mean they don’t like or love you – it’s just means you happen to have chosen a particularly busy time of year. It’s not personal.

3) Use The Date For Some Fun. Great ideas themed around Christmas mean you can do things like name your tables after Christmas songs, Santa’s Reindeer or even Christmas movie titles. It’s time to inject joy and laughter wherever possible.

4) Aim To Marry Early In The Day! This is a practical tip. Obviously you’re going to look gorgeous on your wedding day whatever, but the light is a vital factor for photography. Leave the ceremony too late, and you’ll find the light fading. It also makes sense to choose a venue with excellent indoor lighting for photos in the event the weather is bad.

5) Think About Your Transport: Does your car hire company have a back-up plan in case of bad weather or car breakdown? The last thing you want is for you or any of the party to be stranded. Not a good start!

6) Involve The Tree! Another lovely visual – rather than have a traditional wedding table – why not encourage guests to leave gifts underneath the tree at your reception venue? It all adds to the atmosphere and looks great.

7) Hire Some Christmas Carollers: Often during the cocktails or general reception, there’s musical background entertainment. Nothing says Christmas more than a few rounds of Good King Wenceslas or Away In A Manger. It would create fantastic atmosphere to get a choir in to sing for an hour. Many choirs sing for charity at this time of year, so that would be a lovely way of giving something back too.

8) Get Santa Involved Too: How about getting an MC dressed as Santa? That would be a bit different. Or even get a Santa in and a small grotto to keep the children entertained later on in the day.

9) Advise your guests to travel early: For people coming long distances, it’s always best to come up well in advance and stay over the night before. We all know how the roads grind to a halt in bad weather, so it’s not worth taking the risk of missing such a special day.

10) Use a ‘proper’ wedding planner: If you’re going down this route then we suggest avoiding the amateurs and finding a real professional that you click with. Meet them to discuss your ideas, and then decide from there. It’s a HUGELY helpful way of taking out the strain. You’ll still be in charge and have overall say on your special day, but the planner will deal with the minutiae, make suggestions you’ve not thought of, have a vast array of contacts at their fingertips and be there on the day to make sure it all runs perfectly. We love – a luxury events planner that REALLY knows how to make things happen.

11) Think About Reception Drinks: It’s traditional to serve champagne – but how about hot chocolate or mulled wine instead? If it’s chilly – they’ll be grateful for it!

12) Look Different On Your Day: Ever thought about beautiful fluffy white cashmere (cruelty-free), for a jacket or shrug? Or maybe as throws for your guests to wrap around themselves when the temperature drops. It doesn’t all have to be tulle and lace.

13) Use Festive Colours: Berry Red, deep green, snow white, silver … incorporate them into the flowers, the decorations, the cake, the tree for a really romantic look.

14) And use what’s around you for decorations: Snow pines are free. Twigs and berries are free. Green foliage. If budget is limited, you can find lots around you to incorporate.

15) Be Bold With The Bridesmaids: Winter is a great time to plump for more striking colours and palettes. Deep berry colours, purples, reds, plum… They’ll look great on the photos.

16) Choose a Multi-Cart: it’s quite a trend now to have a half/half cart at your wedding. Half sweet, half cheese – and that’s great for a winter wedding.

17) Select A Celebrant: If you’re not going for church, and a registry office is a bit impersonal, then an independent celebrant will be fantastic for this time of year. You can choose poetry, music, readings, vows, symbolic ceremonies – whatever you want. Even a Christmas carol if you wish! Check out the Fellowship of Professional Celebrants for one near you:

18) Do Your Christmas Stuff Beforehand: Buy the gifts and Christmas cards and do your planning beforehand. That way, you can enjoy your wedding day, without having to think about Christmas too.

19) Honeymoon Away: Try and get away for the whole of Christmas, and that way you can avoid any stress and just be catered for instead!

20) Let Go Of Being In Charge! It’s easy to get lost in the hard work, but this is for you. It’s not going to happen again. On the big day – hand over the organisation to your planner, your bridesmaids and the venue. Just allow yourself to be organised and go with the flow.


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