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Choosing An Unusual Honeymoon Locations

When it comes to honeymoons, literally the world is your oyster. There are thousands of options, but with so many other things to plan, unless you set out with very definite ideas, it can become a mind-boggling task! To this end, we’ve picked our top honeymoon destinations in order to give you a bit of a helping hand!

1) French Polynesia – Bora Bora (Romance)

There are divine crystal-clear seas and lagoons.. Beautiful mountains. Fantastic diving with a huge array of colourful fish. It’s been voted time and time again as one of the top destinations, and not for no reason. It’s one of the quieter destinations – with activities mainly centered around the swimming, sunbathing, the mountains, photography, water sports, eating out and a bit of local shopping.

2) INDONESIA – Bali (Romance)

With mist-enveloped temples and mountains, plus beautiful beaches and great nightlife, Bali was one of the locations for the film ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ where the character found her inner spirituality. You’ll find fantastic day trips available – maybe try Pura Luhur Uluwatu temple – high up in the cliffs above the Indian ocean. With magnificent sunsets to end the day, what better start to a marriage?

3) USA – Sonoma, California (Freedom)

There’s scenery to die for with rolling valleys and vineyards. It’s easy to organise a wine tasting (many of them are offered through your hotel). There’s farm to table dining everywhere, with world-class dishes on offer. You can balloon ride, or stay with the locals on a ranch – it’s up to you how involved you want to get depending on their policy. A really unusual, but romantic way to spend your honeymoon.

4) Orkney, Scotland (Wilderness)

For peace and solitude, this Northern archipelago off the coast of Scotland offers it all. With green-topped islands and sandstone cliffs, it’s rugged, wild and incredibly beautiful. There’s a historic harbour, and good local shopping. Why not take a day trip and experience the astounding Neolithic Ring of Brodgar – an ancient and eerie ring of standing stones, northeast of Stromness. Nobody knows how the stones got there, or the meaning of the circle.

5) Greece – Santorini (Beaches and activity)

Santorini is a small volcanic island with whitewashed villas and incredible sunsets. You’ll be transported to a scene from ‘Mama Mia’ if you visit! Overlooking the Aegean Sea, this island offers so much to do – even for those who can only sunbathe for so long. Hire a scooter and explore. Hike. Shop. Visit a winery or spend hours sampling local dishes at incredibly good value.

6) DUBAI – (Exotic/Glamour)

This really is a best-of-both-worlds destination. There’s tranquillity and romance when you head for the desert – why not take a camel ride including champagne and snacks en-route. Or change the pace a little and head for the glamour in the city with nightlife and shopping like no other.

7) JAPAN – KYOTO (Exotic)

There’s nothing hurried or frenetic about this part of Japan, which moves at a positively sedate pace. This gives you chance to relax and enjoy the traditional gardens and the hundreds of temples and shrines on offer. Famed for its spring cherry blossoms in spring, there’s a beautiful classic mix of autumnal colours to savour in the autumn. Plus a wealth of wood townhouses (Gion), teachouses and the Shirakawa canal to see.


The wildlife is unparalleled, as there are plants and animals found here that are literally found nowhere else on earth. It’s a magical experience with plenty to offer. Visit the giant tortoise reserve on Santa Cruz Island, go island hopping, or book a scuba diving trip to enjoy the underwater wonders.


Great for outdoorsy people who will love the wilderness, the horseriding, river rafting, and fishing. The resort at is the home of ‘glamping’, where you can book a honeymoon tent complete with copper bathtub – great for soaking whilst enjoying the views.

10) ICELAND (Adventure)

The scenery changes continually. From volcanic to grassy green to lunar landscapes and then waterfalls, geysers, and hot springs. Check out Snaefellsjökull National Park for lava formations and hidden waterfalls. Or the Blue Lagoon for hot springs and massage. So we have come up with some amazing locations that are unusual honeymoon locations, and with our amazing wedding package deals, you can use any more you save, having your Wedding at The Arkwright Centre and spend it on your honeymoon.
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